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What can Osteopathy help with

Headaches and Migraine

Head pain may be related to birth trauma, accidents, dental work, and shock or stress ; symptoms frequently appear later in life and may therefore appear unconnected to early trauma but leave patterns which Osteopaths find through refined palpation. Osteopathy can help to resolve these old patterns by realigning cranial bones and membranes and releasing trauma from the brain itself as well as realigning and restoring movement to the neck which may cause headache. Accidents, toxins, and emotions may disturb normal movement patterns of the central nervous system and can be helped by cranial osteopathic treatment.

Sports injury

Osteopathic treatment can resolve injury patterns, reduce inflammation, and rebalance the body. For example, an old sprained ankle many years ago may affect running or walking causing problems at hip, knee or lower back years later. Osteopathic treatment is aimed at treating the causes as well as the symptoms of illness. An exercise regime to strengthen or improve mobility may be advised.

Back or neck pain


An experienced osteopath can find the causes of your pain, eg an old whiplash, what is stopping you from recovering and devise a personalized treatment plan. Treating you as a whole person may involve releasing joints, muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, organs and nervous system (which can also help boost vitality). Spinal joint or disc problems respond well to osteopathic work. A series of treatments may be required to regain full mobility and balance


Many people with chronic fatigue or ME have been helped by osteopathic treatment, especially cranial osteopathy. It is vital to treat the whole person (through the body) as mental and emotional factors impact and are held by the body. Often there are multiple causes to chronic fatigue including structural imbalances such as birth trauma, bite imbalances from dental and orthodontic treatment. Fatigue may also be caused by toxicity, chronic parasitic, bacterial, viral or yeast infections, poor nutrition or food sensitivities (see food intolerances and vitamin & mineral analysis page for additional treatments).

Emotional shock or strain

Shocks or long- term stress can have profound effects on the body, often many years later. Digestive system problems such as IBS, depression, head, neck and shoulder tension and pain and ` odd ‘ symptoms like feeling spaced- out, disorientated, disconnected or clouded in the head can result from these unreleased traumas. Release is profound yet gentle and at a pace which your body can process. Pre–birth events, birth trauma, childhood stresses, divorce, loss etc can disturb brain motion, increase cortisol and adrenalin, cause thyroid malfunction etc.

Conditions that Acupuncture treats

Acupuncture is very successful for prevention of illness, boosting the immune system and enhancing general well-being, as well as treating specific conditions.

Acupuncture is recommended for a wide range of conditions, some of which are listed below:


Illnesses linked to food intolerances and vitamin & mineral deficiencies

healthy foodhealthy food

Some of the typical conditions associated with food intolerances are: - fatigue, headaches, digestive problems (bloating, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, stomach discomfort, wind, nausea, heartburn), skin problems, aching joints and muscles, excess weight, sinusitis, PMT, anxiety, insomnia, mouth ulcers, mood swings and other unexplained symptoms.

Some of the symptoms linked to deficiencies in vitamin and minerals are: - frequent colds, poor skin, hair and nail conditions, low energy, depression, joint pain and stiffness, water retention, poor memory, irritability, cravings, and other unexplained symptoms.