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Osteopathy involves restoring the body's balance and proper function through manipulation of structures such as the spine, skull bones, internal organs of the body, nervous system, muscles, ligaments, bones and connective tissue. A number of different techniques are used from soft tissue release procedures, specific joint manipulation, visceral work on organs such as liver or heart, connective tissue realignment and cranial osteopathic techniques (cranial osteopathy). My personal approach is an integration of different forms of treatment and experience from over twenty –six years. Each body tells a unique story with many layers of life experience including the effects of accidents, illness, shock, separation etc held within it. These patterns can be released in a gentle way to allow health to return and growth to take place on many levels.

Osteopathy was founded by Andrew Taylor-Still in the middle of the nineteenth century. He believed that the human body functioned as a unit, any malfunction in any part influenced the whole, and that it was unhelpful to view the body as a collection of separate parts (as the medical profession did at that time). Osteopathy is still a holistic system of healthcare. New research into cell biology and body systems has recently begun to validate this holistic view of the body. Scientists have discovered bio-chemical, structural, and electrical connection and communication and control pathways between every part (and within every cell). For example, heart and brain are linked not only by nerves, but they also respond to each other through connective tissue (fascia), various biochemical, fluid and bio-electric flow systems and pathways (including those suggested by acupuncturists thousands of years ago).

john treatingScience is beginning to show that the human `body-mind’ (or spirit-body-mind) is an intelligent, perceptive and responsive whole, a community of cells, tissues, and organs, constantly responding to a multi-level information- gathering network. This community is contained by a responsive life-maintaining matrix which has conscious, electrical, chemical and structural components and remembers experiences (tissue memory). This field or matrix can also be seen as the ground within which growth and all intra and extra-cellular processes are born and maintained (homeostasis) the matrix is fluid (constantly changing) but has structural integrity as well as flow. Andrew Still believed that a human being was an intelligent design, showing the fingerprints, intent and spirit of a Creator.

Osteopathy aims to establish correct function of the body as a whole by helping restore the matrix which maintains homeostasis and improving the relationship between parts (such as organs or between bones) and proper communication, proper information processing and harmony of relationship within the whole.

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